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May 2020 Announcements

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! If you'd still like to make a donation it is still not too late!

We want to take time to honor our teachers in two ways:

1) Posted in front of Agape is a hand-painted tarp that says, "Agape love's our teachers". I was hoping you might fill the back of it with messages for the teachers. If you are nearby Agape, wear America's new attire (gloves and mask) and with a Sharpie you bring from home fill the empty side of the tarp with messages for the teachers. We will try to have it completed by the end of Friday (5/8). Then our teachers will come by as they can to read the nice things you have written to them.

2) We want to collect monetary donations that will be divided among the teachers. Many of us are financially toughing out COVID-19 and 

would find this too difficult, but if you are able to, would you consider giving to our teachers? You would make a donation by going to 

Agape's website and as if you were paying a tuition bill, and there you will find a choice to submit a donation. If this is something you feel

you would like to do, I know our teachers will greatly appreciate it, especially during this time.

Thank you for making Agape's loved and hard-working teachers feel appreciated this week! We miss you and the children so much and cannot wait until we are together again! Thank 

you again!